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Counseling Hours:Sunday 1:00-4:00

Tuesday 10:00-12:00

Mr. Nawaz Ahmad is Assistant Professor & Research Consultant at Institute of Business Management (IoBM) Karachi. Besides teaching research courses he is Editor of International Journal of Experiential Learning and Case Studies (IJELCS) – a double blind peer reviewed journal published by IoBM sami-annually. Being an active researcher, he is given responsibility to lead IFJ Publications Consultancy Support Center which primarily facilitates faculty, scholars, and students for their publications in impact factor journals.

He has been associated with the teaching profession for the last 18 years and Training and Research for 11 years. He has taught various subjects such as Research Methods, Advance Quantitative research, Islamic Finance, Corporate finance, Financial Management, Managerial Accounting, Economics, Econometrics, Financial Time Series, etc. in different Universities of Karachi like KARACHI University, SZABIST, IQRA University, Greenwich University and BAHRIA University. He has been providing trainings at Epla Laboratories, Boch Pharmaceuticals, DGTR (Directorate General of Training and Research) Customs, AKU – Examination Board, and different Universities. The training sessions consist of SPSS, E – Views, Research Issues, Management Issues, Economic issues, Analysis, etc. at different academic and Industrial forums.

At Greenwich University, he was Editor of the proceedings of Greenwich Multidisciplinary Research Conference (GMRC) and activated GRDC – Greenwich Research & Development Center whereas at Indus University he edited IJMS (Indus Journal of Management Sciences) and founded a Research Center. Thus being associated with research, he has published 61 research articles in national and international journals and 20 conference proceedings in the field of Management Sciences, Social Sciences, and Economics, which could be accessed at:

He has been an active member of Board of Studies (BoS) and Board of Advance Studies and Research (BASAR) of Greenwich University and Indus University. He is also member of Curriculum Committee who review existing courses and incorporate new courses as per industry requirements.

Mr. Ahmad has completed his MS from SZABIST, Karachi, Pakistan in the field of Management Sciences (Financial Economics). He has completed his PhD course work and tenure from University of Sind and currently compiling his PhD Dissertation titled “Measuring the Impact of Venture Financing on Entrepreneurship and Job Creation: A Case Study of Sindh”.

 PhD (Management Sciences) University of Sindh Jamshoro (2018)
 MS (Management Sciences) SZABIST Karachi (2012)
 MBA (Accounting & Finance) PIMSAT Karachi (2001)
 B.Com Karachi University (1997)
  1. Academics Experience

    S.No Institute/Company Department Experience Designation
    1 Institute of Business Management (IoBM) College of Business Management May 2016 till now Assistant Professor & Research Consultant
    2 Indus University Research Aug 2013 – Feb 2015 Assistant Professor and Head of Research & Publications
    3 Greenwich University Research Jan 2007 – Feb 2013 Assistant Professor & Head of Research
    4 Iqra University May 2008 – May 2016 Visiting Faculty
    5 Institute of Business Management (IoBM) Sep 2015 – May 2016 Visiting Faculty
    6 Hamdard University Jan 2016 – May 2016 Visiting Faculty
    7 DHA Suffa University Feb 2016 – Jun 2016 Visiting Faculty
    8 Bahria University Aug 2013 – May 2016 Visiting Faculty
    9 SZABIST Jan 2005 – Dec 2012 Visiting Faculty
    10 College of Nursing, JPMC 2010 – 2013 Visiting Faculty
    11 BIZTEK Feb 2007 – Dec 2008 Lecturer
    12 KASBIT Jan 2008 – Mar 2010 Visiting Faculty
    13 PIPFA 2005 Visiting Faculty
    14 CAMS 2005 Visiting Faculty
    15 Grace Institute of Technology 2000–2002 Visiting Faculty
    16 AKUEB Jan 2011 – date Chief Examiner
    17 ICMAP 2010 – 2013 Examiner
    18 Avicenna O&A Level School Sep 2012– May 2014 Sr. Teacher
    19 OASYS (O &A Levels) 2005-2009 Sr. Teacher
    20 Avicenna O&A Level School 2002–2005 Teacher
    21 Aisha Bawany O Level School 1999–2002 Teacher


    Professional Experience

    1 RTS Principal Consultant Sept 2014 – Date Karachi
    2 DGTR, Customs (FBR) Subject Specialist – Pakistan Economy 2013 – Date Karachi
  • Identification of Organic Food Supplement for Pioneer Distributors
  • Preparing E-Commerce Strategy for Pioneer Distributors
  • Pilot Research on Beauty Products Viability in Karachi: A Project for NutraLake
  • Expansion strategy for PIONEER DISTRIBUTORS. Erected a new company
  • New Herbal product range identification for PIONEER DISTRIBUTORS
  • Pilot Research on Maternea Product Viability in Pakistan: A Project for NutraLake
  • Gadoon Textile: Optimization Strategy
  • Building Industrial Linkages: A Project of Textile Institute of Pakistan
  • Teaching

    • Finance (introduction, advance, Strategic, Security, Portfolio, Corporate & Islamic)
    • Research (basic, advance & quantitative)
    • Statistics, Econometrics, Time Series Analysis, Forecasting Techniques

    Research Interests

    • Financial Economics
    • Islamic Finance
    • Corporate Finance
    • Social Issues
    • Management Issues
    • Education Management

    41 Conference Papers in National and International Conferences

    • Zehra, Y. & Ahmad, N. (2018). The Impact of Capital Structure on Firm’s Value: Review of Pakistan’s Oil & Gas Marketing Companies. 31st IBIMA (pp.2794-2807).  Milan, Italy. [ISI Indexed]
    • Ezam, Q. Ahmad, N. & Hyder, S. I. (2018). Impact of Training and Development on Employees’ Engagement: Empirical Evidence from Pakistani Banking Sector. 31st IBIMA (pp.5537-5551).  Milan, Italy.[ISI Indexed]
    • Ali, M. H., Kazmi, S. S., Shamsi, A. F. & Ahmad, N. (2018). Talent Management Practices Using Social Media – a comparative study of SMEs in Pakistan vs. UAE Social Media – is it for external marketing only? 31st IBIMA (pp. 213-230). Milan, Italy. [ISI Indexed]
    • Razzak, Q. A. & Ahmad, N. (2017). Performance Comparison: Local vs. Foreign Banks Operating in Pakistan. 6th ICSBI, Greenwich University, Karachi, Pakistan.
    • Muhammad, F. & Ahmad, N. (2017). Impact of Crude Oil Price on Coal Price in Pakistan using Cointegration Approach and their Volatility. 6th ICSBI, Greenwich University, Karachi, Pakistan.
    • Waki, M. & Ahmad, N. (2017). Impact of Work Stress on Employee Job Satisfaction: Empirical Investigation from Karachi based Public Sector Universities. 6th ICSBI, Greenwich University, Karachi, Pakistan.
    • Fiaz, S. & Ahmad, N. (2017). Referral Hiring Cause Set Back on Firm’s Progress. 6th ICSBI, Greenwich University, Karachi, Pakistan.
    • Sarwar, S., Ahmad, N., Hyder, S. I. (2017). Academic Writing Deficiencies of Business Management Students: Causes, Effects and Solutions. 10th ICERI2017 (pp. 9024-9029). Seville, Spain. [ISI Indexed]
    • Sarwar, S. Bhamani, S. & Ahmad, N. (2017). Developing Scale to Evaluate School Support for English Language Learning (SSELL). 10th ICERI2017 (pp. 9020-9023). Seville, Spain. [ISI Indexed]
    • Ahmad, N., Sharif, N., Usmani, H. M. Faizan, & Hafeez, S. (2017). Impact of Online Reviews on Customers’ Dining Decision – An Empirical Study. 30th IBIMA (pp. 2156-2169). Madrid, Spain: IBIMA Publishers, USA. [ISI Indexed]
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    • Fasih, S. T. & Ahmad, N. (2017). Analysis of HEC Hiring Criteria: A Pilot Study. IBT 10th National Conference on Management & Social Sciences. Karachi.
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  • 10 H-Index
  • 153 Citations on Research Gate
  • 66 Theses
  • 18 Independent Studies
  • 14.287 Impact Factor

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Editor International Journal of Experiential Learning and Case Studies (IoBM)Indus Journal of Management Sciences. (Former)

Proceedings: Greenwich Multidisciplinary Research Conference (GMRC) on

Management, Social, and Physical Sciences, 1(2), Nov., 2012

Proceedings: Greenwich Multidisciplinary Research Conference (GMRC) on

Management, Social, and Physical Sciences, 1(1), Mar., 2012.

Advisory Board Member Gulustan-Black Sea Scientific Journal of Academic Research (Georgia)Revista de Administração de Roraima – RARR (Brazil)

International Journal of Science Annals (Ukraine)

The Millennium University Journal (Bangladesh)

Journal of Business Strategy Finance and Management (India)

Journal of Business Studies

SALU Commerce & Economic Review

Journal of Quantitative Methods (JQM)

Market Forces: Journal of Management, Business & Economics

KASBIT Business Journal (KBJ)

Reviewer IBIMA Publishing, USAIranian Journal of Management Studies (IJMS), Iran

Independent Journal of Management & Production (IJM&P), Brazil

Al Dar Research Journal for Sustainability (ADRJ), Dubai

International Journal of Business and Economics (IJBE), Macedonia

Journal of Asian Business and Economic Studies (JABES), Vietnam

European Research on Management and Business Economics, Spain

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