Muhammad AsadUllah


Commercial and Professional Studies

Muhammad AsadUllah, Lecturer, Commercial and Professional Studies, holds an MPhil in Business Management Degree from Institute of Business Management to be followed by a PhD in Finance. Initially, He joined EMEC- IoBM as a Facilitator for training projects. Later on, he worked as a visiting faculty for three years at the Department of Accounting & Finance and Department of Professional & Commercial Studies. He has also worked as a Visiting Lecturer in various Business Schools. His research interest includes Panel Data Analysis of secondary data from different sectors. He has presented various papers in National and International Conferences. One of his research paper has been published and few are in the process of evaluation. During his three years’ professional experience, he managed adjustments of advances from all regional zones of Pakistan at TeleCard Ltd. and performed operational duties at MCB Bank Ltd.

PhD(Finance) Institute of Business Management
MPhil( Business Management) Institute of Business Management

Research Interest:

Panel Data Analysis

Teaching Interest:

Accounting, Taxation, Auditing, Law


  1. Khanzada. A. & AsadUllah. M. Factors Influencing Purchase Intention for Expensive Smart Phones – A Qualitative StudyScience International Journal, (2016) ,28(4),69-73
  2. AsadUllah. M. & Uddin. Dr (2017) Determinants of Profitability of Islamic Banks of Pakistan – A Case Study on Pakistan’s Islamic Banking Sector. (In Process – Pakistan Business Review)
  3. AsadUllah. M. Khanzada. A. & Uddin. Dr (2017) Capital Structure & Islamic Banks’ Performance of Pakistan(In Process – Pakistan Business Review)
  4. AsadUllah. M. (2017) Comparison of Impact of Macro-Economic & Financial Indicators on Islamic And Conventional Banks Profitability. (In Process – Pakistan Business Review)

International and National Conferences:

As a Paper Presenter:

  1. Asadullah. M. (2017) Impact of Macroeconomic & Financial Indicators on Profitability of Conventional & Islamic Banks – A Comparative Study at the IBT’s 10th National Conference on Management and Social Sciences (Biztek, Pakistan)
  2. Asadullah. M. (2017) Determinants of Profitability of Conventional Banks – A Case Study on Pakistan’s Conventional Banking Sector at the “2nd International Conference On Experiential Learning” (Institute of Business Management, Pakistan)
  3. AsadUllah. M. (2017) Determinants of Profitability of Islamic Banks – A Case Study on Pakistan’s Islamic Banking Sector at the “1st International Conference on Advances in Business, Management and Law”, (University of Dubai, UAE). 1(1), 61-73.  (ISSN # 2523-6547, Cited by SCOPUS).
  4. AsadUllah. M. Khanzada. A. & Uddin. Dr (2017) Capital Structure and Islamic Banks’ Performance – A Case Study On Pakistan Islamic Banking Sector at the 1st International Islamic Banking and Finance Conference. (Institute of Business Management, Pakistan)

As a Discussant:

  1. 1st International Conference on Advances in Business, Management and Law, 2017. (University of Dubai, UAE).

As an Observer:

  1. 12th Annual Sumantra Ghoshal Conference on Manegerially- Reelevant Research, London Business School, UK June 2018


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