Fahad Bin Abdullah


Industrial Engineering Department
Senior Lecturer


Fahad Bin Abdullah, holds an MSc from University of South Bank- London. He is Lean Management certified and specialization in the field of Design & Manufacturing. He Holds a BE Mechanical Engineering Degree from NED University. He has the Project Coordination and Maintenance Engineering experience mainly related to field of Mechanical Engineering & Management.

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering & Management (M.S.) South Bank University, London, United Kingdom 2007
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (B.E.) N.E.D. University of engineering and technology, Karachi, Pakistan 2003
  • Industrial Waste Water Treatment- NEDUET-2017.
  • Lean Management – CONSAK INC Canada – 2016.
  • Energy Audits & Techniques – NEDUET-2015.
  • Entrepreneurial Management – IBA Karachi -2014.
  • ANSYS –Parametric Trainers & Consultants Karachi – 2004.
  • AUTOCAD – Autodesk Training Center (ATC) USA -2004.
  • C++ – College of Digital Sciences Karachi – 2003.
  • Apple Insurance Services (U.K)                 Sales & Finance Officer (2008 to 2012)Apple Insurance is an independent insurance broker with access to a wide range of insurers.The core competence is Commercial Insurance & Personal Insurance business for our Commercial Clients includes every type of business insurance, Contractors, Motor Trade Fleet & Haulage, Commercial Combined Shop, Office & Surgery, Marine, Factory and Engineering, Public House, Restaurant & Hotels and also Public Liability.

    Job description 

    1. Establish and maintain computerized records for each client and maintain logs and ledgers as well as files of correspondence, quotes and sales, payment records, and related information.
    2. Keep contacts with client for renewal business and update accounts in order to fulfil legal requirements and make arrangements for deferred payment plans, forbearance agreements, or other feasible options.
    3. Research, review, and verify financial information and make recommendations concerning disposition of accounts & sales.
    4. Provide assistance and on-the-job training to new employees.
    5. Prepare reports and correspondence related to collections, accounts status, and payments.
    6. Perform related responsibilities as required or assigned.

    British Oxygen Company Gases (Pakistan)              Distribution and Maintenance Engineer (2003 – 2004)

    BOC Pakistan is the market leader in the Industrial Gases, Healthcare businesses and its other related fields. It meets the significant and emerging needs in the metal processing, manufacturing, fabrication, construction,  chemicals,  petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, glass, aviation & Defence sectors.

    Job description 

    1. Recommended the tasks to fit Distribution network Operations.
    2. Achieved key performance indicators (including customer satisfaction, people and environment issues).
    3. Maintained Vacuum Insulated Evaporators for Hands on Experience.
    4. Managed and executed projects successfully for new clients and provided technical assistance and procedural facilities as and when required.
    5. Communicated with clients to create opportunities for earning new revenues.
    6. Carried out cost estimation involving Installation and Commissioning of Vacuum Insulated evaporators and Heat exchangers.
    7. Led and trained decanting and maintenance team through IMMS procedure for maximizing the quality services and improvements.
    8. Developed cost effective strategies to curtail over time budgets for gas supplies.
    9. Analysed and compiled data in response to special requests.
    10. Maintained frequent contacts with all levels of employees and clients including vendors.

S.No Industry Project Titles
1 Karachi Port Trust (KPT) Application of Industrial Engineering Practices in coal handling and storage at port.
2 Hino Pak Motors Limited Improving Productivity with an Integration of TQM and SCM Tools.
3 NIB Bank Limited Analysis of Operating Cost and Improvement Analysis for Cost Reduction.
4 Techno Pack Industry Private Limited The study of capacity Planning in Manufacturing of Fork Pipe Assembly.
5 Pak Suzuki Motors Limited Process Improvement in Inventory Management.
6 ORO Private Limited Production Loss: Impact of Cycle Time, Flash and Shot in 12’’, 8’’ & 6’’ Ruler.
  • Teaching Interest
    • Manufacturing Processes: It deals manufacturing systems with emphasis on the technology and processes involved in manufacturing. It provides an in-depth interaction of design, material, processes, process planning, economic justification and current manufacturing methodologies
    • CAD-CAM Applications: To deal in systematic approach with computer-aided design/ manufacturing (CAD / CAM) with a focus on the design and manufacturing of mechanical assembles. With details concept of how to design, assembles and manufacture of assembles with the help of CAD / CAM tools.

     Research Interest

    • Energy sector issues, threats, crisis and possible mitigation strategies available worldwide.
    • Conceptualizing the Energy Security specifically dealing with the crisis of energy sector in Pakistan.
    • Framework to conceptualize those energy security issue related to Pakistan energy sector.

Currently working the Index formulation regarding Pakistan Energy Sector. This would include the framework to develop the Dimensions of Energy security through the analysis of Policy relating to energy sector such as National Power Policy (2013), Climate Change Policy (2012), Renewable Policy (2006), E&P Policy (2012), UNSDG Policy (2008), Power Generation Policy 2015.

Following the Dimension the Sub Index would be created to formalize the indicators (Simple & Aggregated) and then process of statistical analysis would be carried out for detailed elaboration of Energy security performance of Pakistan energy sector.

  1. Fahad Bin Abdullah: The Major role by NTDC (National Transmission & Dispatch Company) in Electricity Expansion in Pakistan- In Progress.
  2. Fahad Bin Abdullah, Syed Irfan Hyder: Conceptualizing the energy security for Pakistan: An Integrated metric framework – In Progress.
  3. Fahad Bin Abdullah: Oil To Gas: Import Multiplicity in China, India & Pakistan For Strategic Deliberation – In Progress.
  4. Fahad Bin Abdullah, Saima Yaqoob Laboratory Engineer:  Career Development Awareness with Work Ethics, Personal Characteristics and Skills Evolvement, Pakistan Journal of Engineering Technology and Science, (In Press), 2016.
  5. Fahad Bin Abdullah, Shahid Amjad: Effects of CO2 Emission on Health & Environment: Evidence from fuel sources in Pakistani Industries: Pakistan Journal of Engineering Technology and Science, volume 5, No2, December 2015.
  6. Fahad Bin Abdullah, Abdul rauf Farooqi: Pakistan Water Woes: Solution Lies in Constitutional ReformsInternational Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research (IJSER), Volume 6, Issue 7, July-2015.


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  • Currently working on the Integration of CNC Milling and CNC drilling machine. This would enable the part to be machined as per size, required shape, its edges profile and finishing. After the part to be transferred for further processing on CNC Drilling through conveyor belt. The optimization of how to clamp the part in both the processes and how to integrate the conveyor belt in between those two operations.
  • Lab based Water filtration model to understand the whole eco cycle of water in different regions of the world.
  • Member of Pakistan Engineering Council as Registered Engineer.