Dr. Syed Shameem Ejaz


Business Psychology Department
Assistant Professor


Dr. Ejaz has 18+ years’ experience in teaching psychology, at private and public university, and psychosocial and marketing research. He has been running a qualitative research organization for almost 17 years. He was the only member of Qualitative Research Consultant Association (QRCA)-USA from Pakistan. Orient McCain recognized his research organization as one of the top three research organizations in Pakistan in 1998. Syngenta, Bayer, Crop Link, Reckitt & Colman were among his regular clients. He has conducted several researches for international clients. Recently, he has conducted a major research for UNDP to sketch local tolerance index. He is supervising MPhil research students at IoBM as well. He has published four articles in international and local journals and has authored a book on social adjustment. He has prepared several survival guides and booklets for NDMA (National Disaster Management Authority)-Pakistan, during earthquake 2005. Dr. Ejaz is active as a psychotherapist and provides counselling sessions at home based setup. He has worked as clinical psychologist in and outside Pakistan. He is a professional software engineer. He has participated the 1997 Dr. Qadeer Khan Software Competition in professional category and was appreciated for his software on personality assessment and knowledge bases.

PhD (Psychology)
Department of Psychology
University of Karachi (2011).

  • Dr. Ejaz has been running a public opinion and market research organization for 16 years alongside teaching psychology and related subjects mainly in business schools as visiting faculty throughout the period. He is providing psychotherapeutic interventions since 1995 after his return from international practice on psychotherapy. Now he runs a home based clinic /counseling service.
  • Dr. Shameem Ejaz has been conducting research, training, and rehabilitation programs for national and international clients since 1997. Following is a recapitulation of this period :
    • Diversity and Tolerance Research for UNDP 2016
    • Employee Opinion Study for BayerDAS Pakistan.
    • Personality profiling in the organizational context in eight (8) cities of Pakistan.
    • Market Segmentation an attitudinal research for Syngenta (former Ciba-Geigy) of farmers in Pakistan.
    • Qualitative Research Study for SMP-Social Marketing of Pakistan for the concept and use of contraceptives in urban and rural Sindh.
    • Advertising Impact Study for Syngenta Pakistan.
    • Qualitative Research Study for Shell Pakistan when it was acquiring Pakistan Burma Shell in 1997.
    • Executed a six months project for psychological rehabilitation in Bagh-Kashmir after 2005’s earthquake. Developed booklet on psychological coping strategies with PTSD after a disaster.
    • Workshop on teacher-parent-child relationship.
    • Workshop on BCC (Behavior change communication) for NGO personnel.
    • Assisted in development of disaster management program of NDMA.
    • Developed and executed a 75 days program of psychological intervention, rehabilitation, and advocacy at SOS village Karachi.
    • Developed and executed a “Street Theater” on parent-child relationship in Park Towers DHA. Karachi.
    • Training on “teaching and mentoring’ at Jamshoro, Haiderabad, and Tando-ala-Yar.
    • Evaluative research study for UNICEF on children repatriated from UAE who were involved in camel racing.
    • Consolidated technical report for a UNODC project Drug Abuse & HIV/AIDS Prevention for Street Children with Solvent Abuse Problems.
    • Impact report of a project for street children in Karachi, Sindh.
    • Qualitative research on street children suffering from drug addiction and HIV using HFD/HTP projective techniques.
  • Research Interest:

    AI and emotional machines, Human brain and computer interface, Psychological scale development, advertising, organizational policy research based on moral and humane characteristics, Spiritual psychotherapy.

  1. MPHIL / PhD supervision

    • (2013)Role of Personality traits in the Adjustment to Diversity.  International Journal of Psychological Research. 6(1). pp: 58-77. 2013. Columbia. USA.
    • (2012) Relationship among Traits and Conflict Handling Styles of Call Centre Reps & Appraisal of Existing Model. International Journal of Psychological Studies. 4(4). pp: 27-36. 2012. Canada.
    • (2011) Gender Discrimination and the Role of women in Pakistani Society. Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities. 50(1). pp:95-105. Karachi. Pakistan.
    • (2010) TSDS Trauma Scale for Disaster Situation.  Pakistan Journal of Psychology. 41(2). pp: 3-14. Karachi. Pakistan.

    (A research conducted in Kashmir during psychological rehabilitation project [HER] after earthquake 2005).


    • Measuring Adjustment to Diversity. Book published by VDM publishing -Germany.
    • Booklet – Psychological -A booklet on Coping Strategies for Post-Traumatic Stress after a Disaster.
  • Memberships
    1. Member, Society for the Psychology of Women
    2. Member, SPSSI