Center for Policy and Area Studies Department
Assistant Professor


Ghazala Aleem PhD in Islamic Studies from Karachi University, is a certified Arabic teacher and has completed Masters in Islamic Studies and Arabic, and B.Ed from Karachi University and DHMS in Homeopathic Medical System. She has also worked as faculty of medicine at Hamdard University. In addition, she has taught at several other places before joining IoBM. Moreover, she has also worked as a freelance journalist with Daily Jang and other magazines.

Degree Institution Majors
PhD University of Karachi Tibb-i-Nabavi Quran-w- Sunnat ki roshni main aik Tahqeeqi-w-Ilmi Mutalah
M.A University of Karachi Islamic Studies
M.A University of Karachi Arabic Language
B.Ed University of Karachi Education
B.A University of Karachi Islamic Studies
Institute Position Held Year
Institute of Business Management Assistant Professor January, 2016 to date
Nazeer Hussain University Assistant Professor January, 2014 to February 2015
Hamdard University Assistant Professor 2003 to December, 2013
Allama Iqbal Open University Assistant Professor ( Visiting faculty) 2002- 2010
  • Herbal Prophetic Medicines
  • Islamic Studies
  • Arabic
  • Studies

Honors & Awards

  • Presidential Award for the book “TIBB -E- NABAVI Quran -w- Sunnat ki Roshni Main Ek Tehqeeqi-w-Ilmi Mutalah” in 2015 at Jinnah Conventional Centre
  • Appreciation Letter from Chief Minister of Punjab Mr. Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif for the book “TIBB-ENABAVI Quran -w-Sunnat ki Roshni Main Ek Tehqeeqi-w-Ilmi Mutalah” in 2016
  • Pride of Performance Award for Best Scholar and Physician presented by Health and Hygiene Society (Regd) in 2018


  • Author of Book titled Tibb-e-Nabavi Quran-w- Sunnat Ki Roshni main aik Tehqeeqi-w-Ilmi  Mutalah published in 2018 ( 2nd Edition)
  • Author of Book titled Yaddasht, Fuqdan, Kami ki wujuhat, Tadaruk, Ghizaen, Adwiya, Techniques published in 2017
  • Author of Book titled Tibb-e Nabavi Quran-w- Sunnat Ki Roshni main aik Tehqeeqi-w-Ilmi   Mutalah published in 2015 ( 1st Edition)
  • Author of Book titled Burhapa, Beemarian, Asbab aur Tadaruk  published in 2014
  • Author of Book titled Qilla Rohtas Aur Tibb published in 2013
  • Author of Book titled Ghizaon ki Tibbi aur Sciency Ahmeiat published in 2010
  • Four faculty magazines “Risalah Tibb-e-Sherqi-w-Gherbi” (Medicine East and West) published in 2010-2013 in Hamdard University


  • Ghazala Aleem, (October, 2009) titled “ Phoenix Dactylifera ” published in monthly magazine Zia-Wajeeh, Rampur , India
  • Ghazala Aleem, (September, 2013) titled “ Vulgaris Sev” published in monthly magazine Zia-Wajeeh, Rampur , India
  • Ghazala Aleem, (May,2013) titled “ Nigella Sativa Linn” published in monthly magazine Zia-Wajeeh, Rampur , India

More than 75 popular articles have been published on different topics in newspapers and magazines nationally and internationally

  • Tourism (written numerous travelogues which are published in Bazm-e- Qasmi International and daily Jung, Weekly magazine, Akhbar –e- Sehat)
  • Rigorous research on Nutritional facts ( written numerous articles which are published in magazine (Akhbar –e- Sehat , daily Jung and Bazm-e- Qasmi International, Zia Wajeeh Rampor, India )
  • Various articles on Islam, medical science and social issues ( published in magazine Akhbar –e- Sehat and daily Jung and Bazm-e- Qasmi International)
  • Served as Editor to various magazines such as Akhbar-e- Sehat (2007-2015) , Risala Tibb –e- Sharqi wa Gharbi (2010 -2013), Hamdard University
  • Book writing (author of 5 books)
  • Practicing as Herbal and Homoeo Doctor from 2013 to till date
  • Gardening
  • Social Work

Member of Editorial Board of “Ihya-ul-Ulum”, a referred research journal of the dept. of Quran and Sunnah, University of Karachi

Member of Pakistan Association for Eastern Medicines (PAEM)

Member of Health and Hygience Society

General Secretary of Shaur-e- Sehat Council, Karachi. Pakistan

Lifetime member of “Homoeo Doctors & Students Youth Club”