Islamic Studies / Philosophy Unit Department
Assistant Professor


Asad Shahzad Has earned his MA in English Literature from the University of Karachi and MPhil from IoBM. He has received intensive training from SPELT under Cambridge University. He has taught at several educational institutions before joining IoBM. He writes for different newspapers on religious, political and social issues. He has presented several papers at national conferences on the topics of Unique Equilibrium of Free-Will and Determinism in Rumi’s writings and “The Impact of Fantastic Advertisement of Consumer Goods on the Mental Health of Society” His paper “Iqbal’s Idealist Critique of Hawking’s Materialist Concept of Time” was published in Iqbal Review, April 2008 issue; and “Incoherences in Konrad Lorenz’s Concept of Aggression” in PBR. Currently, he is involved in research in the area of the philosophy of globalization.